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    Default Is there Anything Called as Windows VPS with Dynamic/Resettable IP ?

    Question says it all...

    If yes then from Where do I buy it ?

    Please Suggest...

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    Nearly windows VPS providers sell extra IP's for ~1-2 $ each and they even set it for you when you need it.
    You should ask the VPS company support before buying the server.

    Also I don't think there are any Dynamic IP windows servers available.

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    There are a few providers out there like that. Most are NOT dynamic and if you find a provider with dynamic IPs then look to spend a lot of money for that feature.

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    To be honest, that would cost you huge amount of cash. I would rather advise you to buy a VPS along with few extra IP and whenever you need a IP change, simply submit a ticket with your respective hosting company and they will do it for you.

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