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    Default One concern regarding outsourcing of development projects

    For those who have outsourced dev projects overseas, do you have any tips to take into consideration to avoid ending with a worse result than just employing someone in your office?

    I've been thinking about this lately, but the biggest and major issue I find is related to quality issues. How could I test and learn about it without losing a huge amount of money?

    Maybe these questions are too ambitious, but I would like to see your perspective.

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    Outsourcing based on general tech is good, like normal website development etc.
    But if you are looking for specific field with limited people knowledge, it has its risks!

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    Regional outsourcing is important. Currently I believe outsourced solutions to Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Romania, etc., provide the best value for money.

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    My take is that "some" understanding of the project that you are about to outsource would be important before thinking of outsourcing it to the right person!

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