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    Default Windows Server with multiple sites and SSL

    There's a Windows server with various IIS sites running on it and each of these sites is SSL certified. Since these sites are completely different from each other, they have different domains. Is it possible to run sites on one server and secure them using these certificates? It would be a waste if we run only one site on a big server. Is there any other solution?

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    I have already been through these links but found nothing new. I also thought that a wildcard certificate might help but I am not sure. Is there any expert in SSL to explain me things?

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    You get a wildcard certificate but that will only work if all sites use naming like:, etc where only is used

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    But my question is completely different and it says "The sites are not related so have different domains" for example and That link was a good read again but I am still not getting the answer I am looking for which are

    a) yes you can host 2 unrelated SSL enabled sites in IIS and here is how you do
    b) no you cannot host 2 unrelated SSL enabled sites in IIS but in your scenario you have these options

    1. buy another server
    2. buy this software
    3. etc

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    We can have multiple SSL for multiple websites on a single web server. Please refer to this link -

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