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    Default List of Add-on domains access with shared web hosting

    I am currently using shared web hosting. Is it possible to that anyone can view my list of add-on domains under a single shared hosting package?

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    One can't specify if those are add-on domains but It can be found through the apache configuration as the outsider doesn't have access to it.You can check whether all your domains are on the same IP. cPanel only allows 1 IP per cPanel account, so if you want a different IP for SEO/SSL or other purposes it has to be on its own account. Shared hosts often have multiple domains on one IP. this is the reason you will see your plenty of your neighbours on the same server and same IP and also on all your domains.

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    There are some monitored databases that track IPs. Though they won't be 100% accurate, but it is possible to get an idea of who is on your host, particularly if they have had the address for awhile.

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    Suppose they all are hosted on the same IP, you can do a reverse lookup and get a list of domains.

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    As per my knowledge a main shared IP generally does not have a list of PTR records assigned to it for all domains it hosts as this does not work for things which require reverse DNS.

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    You can opt for the lookup databases that track IPs. Though they aren't 100% accurate, you can get an idea of who is on your host specifically when they had the address for sometime. | Dedicated Server Hosting | Cloud Server Hosting
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