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    Default Which server would be the best to host a Magento website?

    I have created a Magento website, which server would be the best to host it?

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    Being a very powerful (and resource intensive) ecommerce platform, Magento is built on PHP and it is capable to run on Windows or Linux, and on Apache or Nginx or litespeed webservers.

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    Magento can work on both Linux as-well as on Windows platform. However Magento is a CMS which requires heavy resources, so I would suggest you to go with Linux OS with Nginx to improve the site performance.

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    Hosting your Magento website on a virtual server would be the best, because shared hosting is not very suitable for e-commerce websites. Use a Linux virtual server with nginx installed and running.

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    Yes, Linux platform would be the bets as that is all time running software and its a open source service easily available everywhere which you can choose any company for the same.

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