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    Default Pause a VPS Server

    Can I pause my VPS server for sometime? But I shouldn't be charged for that time. Is this possible?

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    Is there any problem with your VPS? Why you want to pause it?

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    All providers aren't supportive to this as even though you are not utilizing the CPU or Memory but you are hogging up HDD as well as the IP address. So unless the provider is playing a volumes game, you won’t find this anywhere.

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    Don't think this is even possible but you can opt for cloud hosting but remember you will be charged for disk space but still it's a viable model these days and should benefit you in the long run.

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    You will need to create a snapshot of your work and save it in your account and then destroy your VPS. When you need it again, you can deploy a new VPS from the snapshot you have created.

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