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    Default How is cloud and big data related?

    Can cloud and big data related to each other? How?

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    Big data is actually all about cloud since businesses have started moving big data to the cloud. To manage and store this data, the cloud is the best option.

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    Since cloud offers scalability and big data is big, it can easily accommodate the big data as big data backends need to scale up and down with processing load and storage. | Dedicated Server Hosting | Cloud Server Hosting
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    Big data is all about organizing data, labeling different kinds of it (structured, unstructured, semi-structured, internal and external), technologies used to store it and retrieve. Everything is de-materialized and you don't need to worry a lot about the setup before starting. Also, you don't need to care about managing a farm of computers before using powerful tools.
    Take the example of Dropbox, it allows you to store and access your documents only using an internet connection. This is a cloud service.
    Finally, Big Data represents content and Cloud Computing is infrastructure means the two concepts are connected. In fact, it is thanks to cloud computing that you can process big data on your laptop.

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    Cloud offers elasticity and big data can make the use of this feature since big data backends need to scale up and down with processing storage and load.

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    The inherent scalability of IaaS platforms and the cloud allows businesses to expand and contract their infrastructure deployments in line with processing and storage needs, quickly spinning up resources to sift through large data sets and find the value. Data is getting bigger, but most of that volume is ephemeral and much of it is not especially useful — there’s no reason to keep it over the long term, which makes flexible, scalable, on-demand platforms essential for maximizing the efficiency of analysis.

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    When Big Data and Cloud Computing come together, they provide a cost-effective and scalable infrastructure to support big data and business analytics.

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    Cloud Servers are basically Virtual machines which are setup on a Cluster which includes a number of servers using a Hardware virtualization application. Cloud Servers offer 100% uptime guarantee and high availability for any size of data. Cloud Servers aren't offered with the amount of resources you can get with the any other server.

    It provides you with two distinct features – Fault Tolerance [FT] and High Availability [HA]. The architecture of cloud hosting, utilize groups of high specification servers, network attached storage devices to reliably serve every web page, and image of a website.
    In case of Cloud Server, you can upgrade the RAM, space and CPU individually in case you need more resources in future and it is quite capable to handling big data.

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