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    Default Setting up a hosting server


    I am planning to start a website for my personal portfolio and have thought about the following configurations for the server -

    VPS - Standard 25 GB HDD
    OS - Debian 8 Jessie
    Web Server - Nginx

    Please guide me.

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    Which CMS are you going to opt for? I would suggest you to choose Grav CMS. This CMS is fast as it uses "sophisticated caching", caching is generally a trade off of memory for speed. | Dedicated Server Hosting | Cloud Server Hosting
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    Yes my site will run in Grav CMS and as it's a flat CMS no database is required.

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    CDN is best when you're expecting heavy traffic from multiple locations of the world. Otherwise, it's just an extra overhead that'll slow things down.
    If the static resources will have long lifespan you can use Cloudflare, which you can use with either Hugo or Grav CMS or anything else.

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    I think if it's static, putting it on GitHub pages would be better.

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    If you have decided to choose Grav CMS, I would suggest going with a shared hosting provider than a VPS. Look for one with SSD, Litespeed and generous memory allocation.

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    You can add caches like Memcached, Varnish and Redis as in Grav CMS you can change your default cache.

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