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    Default Free control panel like cpanel

    I am well-known to cpanel and want other free control panel similar to it. The reasons for requiring such control panel are as below -

    Adding domains
    Adding mysql database
    Creating Nameserver (do we need to create on dedicated server or on domain registrar using ip)
    php usage
    making mysql connections to unlimited and making server connections to unlimited means no restrictions.

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    Checkout the ispconfig 3.0 cpanel, but it won't be that easy.

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    Ajenti is one of the opensource, powerful and lightweight control panel. It offers responsive web interface for managing small setup of servers and also best suitable for VPS and Dedicated hosting.

    But you need to pay for the commercial license.

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    ZPanel is another open-source control panel with enterprise-class web hosting control panel with support for unlimited resellers.

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    Ajenti is also an open source control panel comprising of rich features and is a lightweight and powerful control panel. It offers a responsive web interface in order to manage small server-set ups and also best suits for dedicated and VPS hosting.

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    cPanel has never been a free control panel so I am not sure what makes you say it is an opensource.

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    CentOS Web Panel is what you could take a look at. Appears to be a promising one after checking the features.

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    ISPConfig. is an open source, transparent and free control panel. It manages one or more than one servers from a single control panel. It works both on physical server or virtual machine without any hassle.

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