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    Default Host one website on two different cloud VPS servers

    Is it possible to host one website on two different Cloud VPS servers at different locations, keeping the database similar?

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    This is possible through a Load Balancing solution but the cloud VPS should be in the same DC and not at different locations. The best suit for your requirement is a load balancer.

    Below are instructions ::

    1. One Load balancing server (LB server) is required with floating IP address configured.
    2. Website will be hosted on two different Cloud VPS servers (Web servers) pointing to the LB server.
    3. LB server will distribute the load (website requests) to web servers.
    3. Common database server (DB server) will be a separate server from which the website will fetch the databases from common DB server.
    All the website requests will first come to load balancing server from which it will be distributed between the two web servers to balance the load. Website will fetch the data from database server & will serve the web requests accordingly.

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    There's one more option - Geo DNS which requires two different servers. | Dedicated Server Hosting | Cloud Server Hosting
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    Are you looking for a load balancing setup for webservices and mysql? It will require atleast 4 servers (load balancer server, web1, web2 and mysql server).

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    You can use CLoudFlare as they are present in major continents and your end users will be served the content from one of their proxies that's near them. Please go through this article -

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    Have you planned something to keep data in sync? I think CDN would be the best option for this. Here's an article on CDN for your reference -

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