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    Default What is the difference between windows server containers and hyper-v containers?

    Microsoft has introduced two different containers - Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V containers? But does anyone know how do they work and what's the difference between the two?

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    Hyper-V Containers offer a greater degree of isolation between containers than Windows Server Containers.

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    When Windows Server Containers are used, the containers leverage the host operating system. This might be good for running trusted applications, but it would not be suitable for running an untrusted application.

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    Windows Server Containers would be fine for situations where the host operating system and applications are within a customer's own infrastructure, but for environments such as a multi-tenant public cloud, the isolation provided by Hyper-V Containers may be essential.

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    Hyper-V Containers will be deployed using Docker's concept and can use the exact same packages that run in Windows Server Containers.

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    Windows Containers offer virtualization at operating system level that allows multiple isolated applications to be run on a single system while Hyper-V Containers encapsulate each container in a light weight virtual machine.

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    Windows Containers consist of several components such as the Windows Container Host and Container OS Base Images.

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