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    Default Web Hosting Space Full, now what?


    First of all, I state that I not very experienced on the subject. I need help regarding web hosting space that reached to its limits, 5 GB. I have 5 domains with the VPS hosting account. On most used 23.5 MB of space occupied by one domain and other 3 domains occupy a total 15 MB. The fifth one indicates 4 GB of space consumption. This domain doesn’t really make any installation; the folder is in fact empty.

    This makes me think that the problem is about DB or log file. On one of my sites I use WordPress platform with WP Web Scarper plugin. I read that this plugin may grow from time and DB may even reach to 3 GB, writing data on the table wp_option. By controlling this table I see that occupies only 118 MB (I think around 100 MB). Surely many as well, but not enough to justify the problem.

    I am checking out of 5 directories via SSH:

    / var / www / vhosts / <domain name> / statistics / logs /
    / var / lib / psa / dumps /
    / usr / local / psa / var / log / maillog
    / root / psa /
    Each directory with the command “Is –I dir”, which I believe also provides the size of the file, I get numbers with up to 8 MB and the log files are not many.

    I do not know how else to solve this problem and thinking to increase disk space temporarily so I can work on Plesk.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    You must also control the size of the subdirectories. A system administrator should not take a more than 15 minutes to tell you where it occupies the space.

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    Thanks for the response, problem is solved now. The WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache which helps to optimize the speed of the site creates GB of file in the” /WP-Content/ Cache” folder. From this directory I deleted stunning 3.5 GB of files. In fact the web hosting space usage continues to fall without any hard work, no tedious operation.

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