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    Default Other Better CDN options than CloudFlare CDN

    Is there any other CDN better than CloudFlare CDN?

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    Cloudflare is more than enough to handle the website traffic. But MaxCDN is also an option although it's a bit hard to setup but is manageable and also you need to spend some good cost on it.

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    From costing point of view, the cloud flare is marginal costlier as compared to maxCDN. Secondly cloudflare is much more user friendly & advance. Other than the MAxCDn & cloudflare, there are various CDN services available in the market like AWs(Amazon Web Services), Rackspace Cloud Files, CacheFly, WPPronto, SoftLayer, CDN77, Incapsula, jsDelivr and many more. Apart from cost, You also need to consider the other factors like performance, banndwidth charges, vendor support etc which are equally important.

    Still I would strongly recommend you to stick with CloudFlare.

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    I am yet to come across a CDN better than Cloudflare. I like the fact that they provide a free plan so people can test the potential before opting for their paid plans. Also, they have been in business for a long time and know what they are providing.

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