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    Default Enterprise Class Drives

    What are your choices when it comes to enterprise class drives and does that vary as per the application?

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    SSDs are the best but it also depends on the applications you are running. On a normal website SATA would be more than enough, as SSD and SATA won't seem to have a big difference in terms of speed.

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    SAS is standard choice for server storage drive, for system drive, ssd is definitely the best. | Dedicated Server Hosting | Cloud Server Hosting
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    You can prefer SATA for normal applications and basic performance.

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    Combination of both can be used but, SSDs are expensive than SATA.

    For Webserver:
    Where you require more read-write like OS and databased you can get something small sufficient SSD drive.
    Web contents can be kept on SATA where the contents are very large and SSD could be expensive for high storage.

    For other applications, you got to analyze what it requires and then decide.

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    In a shared environment complete SSD would be costlier than the benefit. Also for good performance you won't need full SSD but SSD can be manipulated in many ways to give best performance.

    For example the SSD drive can be mounted into a MySQL partition giving you blazing fast database access with SAS for your files. If the cost can allow you could also have SSD for your swap partition and things will be a lot faster.

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