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    Default Stable & Reliable Cloud Hosting

    Our company is rapidly growing and our present hosting provider cannot fulfil our requirements, so we are looking for a
    stable hosting provider for a long time cooperation.

    Number of cores/server: 4
    RAM / server: 16GB
    Storage/server: 500GB
    Server Management: Customer Managed (customer operates own VM/server)
    OS: Open Source Linux distribution

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    I would request you to kindly help me with the following information to help you with a pertinent solution :

    1) Do you need physical servers from us to create VMs for customers or do we have to provision VMs on our Public Cloud environment for direct use?

    2) As you have mentioned "customer operates own VM/server", would you need us to create VM's or you are going to create it yourself?

    3) Do you have any provision for the backup or will you like us to offer you the backup solution?

    4) Let us know the preferred Virtulization platform.

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    Hello Stuart,

    Thank you for your prompt answer.

    1. VMs on your Public Cloud environment for private use.

    2. You to create VMs

    3. Please offer a backup solution

    4. If you mean the OS, we would like to use an open source OS like CentOs

    Best regards

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