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    I like the fact that someone mentioned two-step verification, but the thing is that you will need a mobile device to access the code.

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    The good thing I like about these password tools, is the fact that the passwords that are generated are a combination of letters and strings, which many people would normally avoid. These aren't your normal user generated passwords, which are available online for everyone to see.

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    Why not just go with two-step authentication and discard the password tool stuff out there? I know the issues that we need smartphones and that connectivity issues come into consideration but there's always email right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AshtonK View Post
    What password management tools are the best from ease of use and security perspective?
    Have heard of LastPass, Keeper, etc. but not sure which is best or better tools out there?
    Here are some of the Password management tools of 2017

    • Dashlane 4
    • LastPass 4.0 Premium
    • LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Ultimate 5.2
    • Sticky Password Premium
    • Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault 10
    • Password Boss Premium v2.0
    • RoboForm Everywhere 7
    • AgileBits 1Password 6
    • True Key by Intel Security (2017)
    • Zoho Vault

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