Growing businesses with a significant online presence will find that they need to regularly consider what their web hosting needs are.

Shared Hosting

A company that starts off using a restrictive shared hosting account quickly discovers that a lack of resources, bandwidth, server storage space and hosting speed come as part of the bargain. The hosting resources of a single server gets shared usually with over 1,000 web sites hosted on the one rack.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a step up with greater access to system resources and more powerful hosting options, but it still lacks overall control of the server and has a number of weaknesses.

One web site unaffiliated with your business can overwhelm the server resources and bring the whole house of cards down. If this happens, all the sites hosted on the VPS server will drop off the net at the same time. The loss of business sales, plus customer service and social media fallout can be both alarming and prohibitively expensive.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is a wonderful solution for many expanding businesses that take their online presence as seriously as their customers do.

With a dedicated server, it is up to the buyer what server specification they require. Some server racks use slower Intel Celeron processors, whereas others enjoy the latest Intel Xeon Dual Core processors with multiple threads for faster multi-tasking. The buyer can often choose between a selection of previously-configured dedicated servers or create a custom one.

Going Custom

For hosting customers who know that they'll need more RAM memory, it is usually possible to adjust the specification of the dedicated server to increase memory capacity. This can help improve caching times for repeatedly-viewed pages and ensure more web pages can be delivered per minute when the site gets busy during peak times or just after a new advertisement has hit the media.

Storage can be upgraded and managed for hard drive failures via a RAID-1 array which mirrors data on the main drive to a secondary drive. Regular backups can also be run to ensure the ability to roll-back files to earlier versions too.

Never Run Out Of Bandwidth

Unlike with other forms of web hosting, with dedicated servers there is usually a set amount of included bandwidth. Beyond that, the buyer can simply add more as their needs require it. This ensures that they won't be cut off if their product line gets a mention on a popular YouTube channel or TV show with the resulting traffic leaping upwards almost immediately as viewers click through to learn more about the recommended product line.

Get Dedicated IP Addresses With The Dedicated Server

Instead of being allocated a dynamic IP address, arrange to have several static IP addresses allocated to the dedicated server. This can help each web site hosted on the server to have its very own internet address which simplifies traffic routing and avoids potential problems.

With a dedicated server, the buyer receives a quality service, reliability and a robust hosting option that can support a rapidly-growing business.