When it comes to the growth of a business, no number of data charts and extrapolation can predict the exponential success and ever-changing needs. While start-ups and small enterprises often underestimate their own growth, this is the phase where a business is likely to be making the most drastic improvements on a daily basis. To keep updated with the rapidly evolving needs, what growing businesses need is a move to a dedicated server to manage all their enterprise needs.

What are dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers are the perfect solution for evolving customers who need to keep up with market demands, while protecting the safety and security of all their data. A dedicated server typically allows you to “host” your website, but specialized services can add to your experience with dedicated Control Panels, global server locations, automated services, and more.

Why move to a dedicated server from your existing (presumably shared) platform?

Simply put, this is a logical and smart business move for advancement. As the demand for a business grows, so does the amount of information available on its website – often leading to a chaotic web experience that can deny potential customers from exploring your site. While choosing the right hosting server is an essential part of growing your business, it is important to know the difference between VPS and Dedicated Hosting servers. It’s the more expensive choice, but also the more reliable one out there.

Reason 1: High Security Levels at the Fore-front

If you’re a growing business, chances are that you’re dedicated towards building a “trustworthy” website. One of the key factors of building just such a website, however, is security. A dedicated server - by providing you with an exclusive space on the server - also ensures that you have the highest quality of security to protect against data leaks. Unlike shared server providers, dedicated server providers also provide added security in the form of data encryption, etc. to keep you, and your clients, safe.

Reason 2: Hardware Maintenance is a breeze

Because many service providers also include scaled services and packages, you have the choice of choosing from the kind of customer care package you’d like. Providers offer anything between regular, hourly server maintenance check-ups to once a day check-ups, ensuring that all your data is backed up and there are no irregularities in the system. In case of any problems, the service generally gets an automatic alert triggered by the system, ensuring more uptime for your business in comparison to other hosted solutions.

Reason 3: Better Performance results from Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers tend to offer a large amount of disk space and RAM with variable amounts of upload/download limits. Depending on the server you choose, you can get anywhere between 250GB to 3TB of storage space on your customized server. Besides, since you aren’t obliged to share space with any other website, you can be sure that all your bandwidth is being utilized in catering to incoming traffic to your website.