Running your business with a dedicated server can become your most important investment if you know why it will work for you! With cloud, virtual sharing networks and many technological improvements offering on-the-go gains, we tell you why dedicated servers are preferred over others for a boost to your business in the longer run.

Business Value: Does your business handle critical or non-critical requirements? Imagine your online retail shop handling critical customer information goes down just because of using shared servers? Won’t that hit you hard? Isn’t it best for an online retail shop to own dedicated servers?

It assures guaranteed access and security over personal information and full control over the server. With online market on its rise it is best to choose dedicated servers for critical business requirements to stay up 24/7. The data center is managed, maintained and administered in-house, with no compromise in security.

Undisrupted Services: In a shared server or cloud, customers are offered more storage for a lesser price than dedicated servers. This gives the impression to the user that the more the space the better the performance since less space could ruin a business. But, that is not the case.

Logically, more space means more sharing of resources between multiple clients in shared servers. This causes unpredictable results at unpredictable times especially when there is an increase in load. This can drastically decrease the performance of the website if you are not using a dedicated server. Shared servers offer more storage but the prime factor is lack of faster storage which prevents bottlenecks is nil there. The disk I/O issues can be resolved only when dedicated servers are used. It brings better performance of your resources consistently, irrespective of the load. This helps forget performance issues and the focus is back on expanding business and satisfying clients.

Precision: When it comes to diagnosing hardware issues, it is easily detected in dedicated servers. As an online business grows, a server is expected to handle numerous requests and the team is expected to provide quick resolutions when addressed with an issue. Whereas, when it comes to shared networks or cloud, the faults are numerous and the process to clear is complex. The common problems that arise are as follows:

1.Network failure
2.Hardware failure
3.Low performance
4.Unexpected outage

With dedicated servers, the occurrence of the above mentioned issues is minimal as they can be addresses faster with a dedicated support team.

Safe Haven: Are you willing to pay for your car without having a sneak-peak about what lies under your car bonnet?

This is similar to hosting the hard-worked website with some random hosting service company who use cheap components in their shared services. This would have outdated server software with security flaws and malicious spyware being operated at some end. As a user, you would not have the slightest idea why your website is not popular anymore. It's your choice of not using a dedicated server that might make your website a victim.

Your chances to grow your audience back is very near, if you are willing to use a dedicated server so your customers don't become victims of fraud.

Maintaining a dedicated server can be a painstaking task as everything needs to be handled by the internal team. But, when one considers data security, transparency, minimized redundancy, simple architecture, long-term cost effectiveness, easier migration to other platforms on a needed basis and high data flow, it is worth the investment for any business that would want to stay brisk and afloat for a long time.