As the name suggests, dedicated hosting service comes with the gift of a dedicated server. So, instead of sharing a server with hundreds of other webmasters out there, you will get the whole server for your own personal use. Therefore, dedicated servers are considered to be very reliable and secured compared to other hosting plans. Goes without saying, dedicated servers are expensive and they are not really meant for beginners.

If you pay too less, you might lose some key benefits or get a support team that barely understands much. On the other hand, if you pay too much, chances are that you might end up paying for the add-on features that you may never ever use or need. Actually, its a very tricky decision to upgrade to a dedicated server. So, how do you know how much to pay?

The answer to this question depends upon what your needs really are. First and foremost step would be to analyze the specs that you are actually going to need. Once this is done, your best bet would be to contact the sales representative of the chosen hosting company to get a cost estimate for the dedicated server. Alternatively, you can take suggestion from the sales representative about the most suitable dedicated server plan for your hosting needs.

As such, majority of the dedicated servers come with a startup data transfer allowance. Depending upon the chosen package and company, the data transfer allowance would vary from 5 Gigabytes to unlimited data transfer allowance. The key is to not get carried away with the most bandwidth, but actually figure out how much bandwidth is really needed to choose the best hosting package that best fits your hosting requirements.

If your website or application has outgrown to fit the VPS package, a low cost dedicated hosting can prove to be a good upgrade. Low priced dedicated servers will get you the full server resources and also let you use the machine in accordance to your needs. However, if your website or applications specs do not fit into low priced dedicated servers, there is no rush to get a high end server because there is always a choice to consider mid-priced servers.

A mid-level server will be able to handle more requests and give you more bandwidth and storage capacity in addition to running your processes faster. So, you will be able to get a good mix of performance and support with a mid-level server package. That being said, a high-end dedicated server would be needed for highly demanding applications or websites with loads of features. The cost would be high over here but one can enjoy higher performance. So, make sure to choose the right dedicated server plan that best fits your needs and price tag.