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    Default How to check hard drive temperature in Linux?

    I would like to know how to check the hard drive temperature? Is there any simple way for it?

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    Basically the drive temperature is a vital part to manage the server performance, if the drive temperature is very high then it could be possible that server hard drive will crash very soon therefore its always better to check the drive temperature once in every week and if you see any major changes then contact the support. To check the drive temperature, run the following command as a root user.

    smartctl -A /dev/hda
    In above command we have used the hda because server is configured with the "IDE controllers" and if your server is configured with the "SCSI controllers" device then replace the /dev/hda with the /dev/sda and run the command.

    Note: Make sure that you are using the individual partition label, for example.

    smartctl -A /dev/hda1

    smartctl -A /dev/sda1
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    Can I know what is a Safe Range to Avoid Hard Disk Failure?

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    Hi Elizabeth,

    As per the conclusions from the Google paper, smaller independent studies and tech forum users:

    Hard Disk Temperature
    Less than 25C: Too cold
    25C to 40C: Ideal
    41C to 50C: Acceptable
    More than 50C: Too hot


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