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    Default Is it necessary that a WP blog should be run on VPS?

    So i have this blog that is getting around 80k monthly visits and im guessing a VPS hosting will be a better solution....what do you guys advice me?

    should continue with the normal hosting or a VPS is recommended?

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    To be honest it actually depends on your your case a shared hosting hosting should just work fine. Looks like your website is a static one and will not require any VPS solution even if your blog traffic tends to increase in the near future.

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    Generally, people tend to use shared hosting for your WP blog needs but as your blog starts getting huge amount of traffic then you will to make sure that you choose a proper VPS hosting solution. You will also need to take into consideration your budget while switching over to VPS solution.

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    As you are receiving huge amount of traffic per month, so, it would be sensible choice to prefer high configured VPS server or you can also consider WordPress cloud hosting.

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    If you have already used a shared package for your blog, moving to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) would be a sensible thing to do. Your traffic seems to be at the higher side, so that needs dedicated resources which is only possible on a VPS. Talking about dedicated resources, that will enhance the performance permission issue, no resources restrictions, full root access.... just imagine the benefits.

    Finally the decision is yours. All the best

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    Considering 80k monthly visits moving to VPS will certainly be smart move, as you will certainly need dedicated resources and IP to handle a load of the traffic expected on the website .

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