Openstack and SDN are at the heart of 11.2 versions of the Solaris. Offer available for x86 and SPARC servers and which is accompanied by the release of Solaris Cluster 4.2

This solution actually aims to be the reference platform for applications of the Company, starting with Java and Oracle Database.

Solaris 11.2 focuses on Cloud computing, with the integration of open source platform Openstack, the support of SDN (software-defined networking) and of course, virtualization techniques and containers that have made the success of Solaris in the past.

In the container sector, we not the possibility of using different levels of Kernel patches.

High Availability

The output of Solaris 11.2 version is accompanied by Solaris 4.2 Cluster. This allows you to make high availability and disaster recovery functions. A dedicated tool intended primarily for critical applications and tailored specifically to over 30 solutions.