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  • Hardware for Linux Home Server

    Right now I am using HP Microserver (1st gen) as my home storage/backup server. The CPU is working very slow and there's no hardware support for encryption since everything is encrypted by me. I am unable to completelty make use of gigabit network card or hard-drives. Can anyone suggest me what should I look for?

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    It's better that you buy an offsite backup solution like R1 Soft Backup instead of buying separate hardware as it will not only reduce your CPU load but also will be secure.


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      Would it be fitting my budget? What details will I have to send so that you can suggest me a plan?


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        You can take the backup of a specific folder or complete backup depending on your need. The plans and prices depend on the backup space you require. Simply define whether you want to take the complete backup or just some folders.


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          You might try our basic plan first i.e. for 10 GB backup and then plan further for large backups.
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