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    I would like to secure all of my websites using SSL. I would like your technical advise to ensure that I am procuring the correct type of certificate for my needs and that I can use it on my current VPS server.

    I am looking to procure a certificate similar to the SSL (UCC) Certificate for up to 10 websites, as I believe I can use this type of certificate on my server to protect all of my key websites.

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    Hi Guido,

    If you want a SSL Certificate for 10 websites, I would suggest you to opt for a Wildcard SSL Certificate, as we don't offer UCC SSL certificates. You can select from the three options Alpha SSL, Domain SSL and .ORG SSL.


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      What is the difference between Wildcard and SSL (UCC) Certificate? Also are you suggesting Wildcard SSL for each website?


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        Originally posted by Guido View Post
        What is the difference between Wildcard and SSL (UCC) Certificate? Also are you suggesting Wildcard SSL for each website?
        Hello Guido,

        The difference between the wildcard and UCC SSL is as below:
        * UCC SSL: it will help you secure your primary domain as well as multiple addon domain however it wont secure the sub-domains under each domain.

        Wildcard SSL: It will help you secure a primary domain as well as the sub-domains under it.

        I completely agree to Pallavi's suggestion as considering 10 wildcard ssl would be a better and cost effective solution compared to UCC SSL, if it is needed to secure sub-domains as well.

        Feel free to contact our support admins via Live chat for an instant help.

        Thanks and Regards,
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          If install it I want to check that it will allow me to use the https prefix for all my sites, once configured correctly.

          Are there any issues I should be aware of before committing to this?


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            I guess Organization ssl is only the option as unfortunately we do not provide UCC certificates.


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              What is the difference between Organizational SSL and UCC Certificates?? and what are the benefit of considering the Organizational SSL over the UCC?


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                If you wish to protect fully qualified multiple domains with just a single certificate, then you will have to consider SSL UCC Certificate, called as SAN Certificates as well. If this is not the case then you can consider Organizational SSL certificate.


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                  SSL certificate is necessary nowadays and it will help you protect your webiste from intruders attack and save your mission critical data online. Search engines has also started giving privileges to websites with SSL certificates.


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                    Whenever you buy an SSL certificate...always make sure that you buy it for multiple years as for every renewal you will need to reinstall it.