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What is CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall)?

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  • What is CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall)?

    Been wondering how many of you rely on CSF for Linux cPanel servers? Not that I am looking for a yes or no to it saying it very reliable but what are the exact features for it that make you use it.

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    We do rely on it. It provides better security to your server and restricts ports and blocks IP's when needed. The best part is it is a free and advanced firewall for most Linux distributions.


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      Highly recommend! CSF is able to recognize attacks such as port scans, SYN floods, and so on. The login brute force attacks on many another great service. The Login failure daemon watches the user activity for excessive login failures and temporarily blocks them. We have benefited quite a lot from this software.


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        Very reliable for Linux servers. It has some advanced configurations available however I really like that ConfigServe Firewall (CSF) allows you to manually whitelist and blacklist IP addresses in your server’s firewall.


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          It is basically a firewall configuration script created to provide better security for your server while giving you an easy to use, advanced interface for managing your firewall settings. It configures your server’s firewall to lock down public access to services and only allow certain connections, such as logging in to FTP, Loading your websites, or checking your email.


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            Its a must on any Linux based servers.

            Firewall can block out users for multiple failed FTP login attempts, failed SMTP/POP login attempts, and failed cPanel login attempts. It also gives you an option to ban/block the un-authorized users and failed connections.

            Firewall also generates a security report for your server, which shows you how secure your server is, and how to secure any potential vulnerabilities.


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              ConfigServe Firewall comes with a service called Login Failure Daemon, or LFD. LFD watches your user activity for excessive login failures which are commonly seen during brute force attacks. If a large amount of login failures are seen coming from the same IP address, that IP will immediately be temporarily blocked from all services on your server. These IP blocks will automatically expire, however they can be removed manually through the ConfigServer interface in WebHost Manager.