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Is it possible to run windows software on ubuntu linux?

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  • Is it possible to run windows software on ubuntu linux?

    Please give me some comments about it.

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    Yes, you can run Windows based application in your Ubuntu Linux. For that you need to use some third party tools like wine. Wine allows you to run windows application on linux machines. You can use VIrtulalization techniques like virtualbox and vmware and install Windows OS by creating virtul machine in you linux machine. Cool


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      use VMware for this.


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        It doesn't matter whether it is possible or not; because it makes no sense to use Windows software under Linux environment. Soon or later you may experience a lot of difficulties so better way simply go with Windows hosting solution rather than Linux.
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          There are free applications like Qemu, rdesktop and Xen virtualization application which will allow you to do this but it does not make sense to run a paid application on a free one and it will definitely involve a lot of complexities.