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    I am using CentOS and I would like to back up everything through Rsync. I am assuming that Rsync can do the job more adequately, but I have an question, in terms of performance and safety whether it is good to tun Rsync from destination or source? Another query is if I run Rsync from the root folder, does it copy everything to the Linux Server such as cPanel, emails, MySQL database, etc.... As I am going to run Rsync first time will it slow down my entire web server?


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    You should run the Rsync process on screen. It will good to run the Rsync process from the remote backup server. If you specify the folders to be copied over, everything will be copied. At the start it may take more time and load can go high. However, configure Rsync to copy only the modified files each time when it is running, so that process will be done more fast.
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      :dancing: I back up my /home every evening. I would like to reduce my inbox to
      just the latest messages. If rsync then updates my backup, will it
      delete the messages I have deleted on my desktop, or will it leave them
      alone and just backup the new messages?

      Prolly a stupid question, but I can't work out the answer for sure.