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    I have a health forum website and need some expert inputs for opting a dedicated server. There are several million posts in the forum including posts as well as topics.
    How to check for the server configuration and what are the factors to check it?
    I am currently facing a big problem of database table crashes.

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    Please elaborate your query whether it is for Linux or Windows?


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      Can you elaborate more on the traffic side of things like how much monthly traffic, page views etc. How long has your forum been in existence?


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        I am asking this for Linux and monthly traffic would be around 30K and page views are 10K. I have been running this forum since 5 years.


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          If possible, share your current server specifications along with database size. It will be helpful to determine how much resources you would need to run your Forum smoothly. Anyway, check the below SSD Dedicated server’s specifications, which I think would be better for you, as SSD will give you a much better performance.

          Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 3.3GHz
          RAM: 16 GB DDR3
          HDD: 2 x 120GB SSD
          Software RAID 1
          30 TB
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            A vps plan should be more than enough for the kind of traffic your forum is receiving. Currently, you do not need to opt for Dedicated solution as of yet. VPS will help you to save more money as it is more economical in comparison to dedicated server.


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              Thank you for all the answers. I have decided to go for VPS hosting instead of dedicated.