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The Top 3 Reasons that Dedicated Servers Make Life Easier for Webmasters

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  • The Top 3 Reasons that Dedicated Servers Make Life Easier for Webmasters

    Having the right kind of server is critical if you’re a webmaster. Since it more or less acts as the central nervous system of an Internet site, having a server you can trust can oftentimes represent the fine line that separates a website that operates smoothly and one that serves as a means of irritation.

    Considering the power the Internet wields, it’s no surprise that there is a long list of web hosting services in existence shilling servers to handle your website. Yet even before you make your way through these options, you need to first determine what kind of server you want – a shared server or a dedicated server.
    Obviously, there are differences between the server types. Yet if you are a webmaster that prefers to build sites based on your own strategies, then going with a dedicated server will be the preferred route. There are three main reasons why this is the case:


    Dedicated servers are essentially defined as being a server that a webmaster does not have to share with other webmasters. This gives the webmaster complete control over what can be done with the server.
    For instance, if the webmaster prefers a certain type of hardware, he or she can run with use it on the server without being beaten down by other webmasters who have a preference for a different type of hardware. This sense of control can also provide the webmaster with a sense of independence and freedom that may not be experienced on a shared server, since the actions of others may impact the webmaster’s decisions.


    Speed is everything on the Internet. If a website loses its ability to make its way onto a screen efficiently, people may lose interest. One of the things that can slow down a website is a server that is bogged down by too much activity, which could lead to slow performance and unresponsive systems on the user end. A dedicated server goes a long way into minimizing this issue because the website will not have to worry about getting resources sapped by other webmasters that are linked to the same server. Thus, the webmaster will be in a better position to handle high volumes of traffic.


    Because a dedicated server is solely devoted to meeting the needs of a particular webmaster, it will not be open to allow any other webmaster to utilize its service. This not only means that a webmaster’s bandwidth is protected from being sapped by outside sources, it also means that the information contained on the server cannot be potentially breached by outside sources. This extra layer of security also has the added benefit of bringing peace of mind to the webmaster, as concerns over compromised data will be at a minimum.

    Ultimately, these reasons point to a web experience that is more customized and stabilized when compared to a shared server experience. If you are charged with putting together a high-traffic website – or even one that aspires to be a high-traffic site – utilizing a dedicated server would be a wise choice.