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Managing a Linux cPanel server

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  • Managing a Linux cPanel server

    So been managing a server for a client that uses Centos 6 and cPanel along with a hardware firewall. So I have tweaked and secured Apache, PHP through WHM. I have also installed a few recommended software's like CSF, Clamav etc. What else can I do to make sure it is running properly and is secured.

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    Secure your /tmp partition. This is usually a separate partition and needs to be secured. Running /scripts/securetmp will mount your /tmp partition to a temporary file for extra security.


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      Make sure you use the latest cPanel version. Also make sure you have secured cPanel and WHM Access by enabling the secure connection for the logins link.

      Disable SSH root login and use a username to login to the server

      Disable Anonymous FTP.


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        Change your control panel password quite frequently. Define different passwords and configure user password strength for all users on your server.

        SSH security - The default port number 22 is widely known. To prevent access attempts, redefine the port number to something that is hard to be guessed. But make sure that the port is not in use by another service.


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          These are just great tips especially the SSH port one. It did not click me and I agree it should not be the default port. While reading through the net I found:

          which covers a lot of points. I will go through this and follow the tips mentioned here. Thank you all


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            The cloudlinux is in talks now. A predetermined amount of resources is given to each account. It also helps monitor usages for each user like CPU, RAM etc. Good software for hosting providers, must consider.