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  • cPanel Email Issue

    Hi all,

    I have hosted my website with some other hosting company and its a small website for our 'offline based business'. With 2 e-mail addresses set up through CPanel, everything was working fine.

    Since more than couple of months various customers are not receiving any e-mails from our e-mail addresses, but when I try to send e-mail through my ISP email they receive it without any problem. Also, I tried e-mailing my ISP email from my business e-mail and it doesn't come through. Further, some customers can receive e-mails without any issue, others can't. E-mailing between the 2 hosted e-mail addresses is also okay.

    I called the hosting company but they said that the issue is likely because CPanel e-mail is not 'true e-mail' and that many companies/servers etc often blacklist emails coming from Cpanel emails. They recommended me to purchase email hosting with them as it will eliminate the issue.

    My question is: Is this actually correct or is it just a sales pitch to try and extract more money from me?

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    cPanel email is a true email!

    It seems like your account with the hosting provider is on a shared server with many accounts. It might be that one of these accounts on the server is sending a lot of spam email, which is resulting in the entire server being blacklisted. Due to which the companies that use the various email blacklists bounce email back to the sender.

    Is that you received email bounce backs? The message contained within this should give an indication as to why the mail isn't being delivered.

    Unfortunately, this is a limitation of shared hosting and if not managed carefully the cause of a lot of frustration to users.


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      Thanks for your quick reply. I haven't received any e-mail bounce backs, or errors messages etc. until now. Even when attaching read and delivered receipts etc, there isn't anything that's coming back.

      What should I do?


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        You can switch to different cPanel host that offers outbound filtering to avoid being blacklisted.

        The second option is to opt for a dedicated email host like Office 365 or Google Apps.