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Install Node.js on a shared hosting server

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  • Install Node.js on a shared hosting server

    How to install Node.js on shared hosting server as there isn't 'SSH' provided?

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    It isn't possible to install Node.js on your shared hosting server as the provider will probably not allow you the control you need to set it up. If you have the control of your own shared hosting environment, and if it's set up to run LAMP, you can set up an Apache vhost as a proxy for a nodejs app.


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      Node can be used as a CGI module.
      Since it utilizes very low resources, you can run it on a little machine.


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        If you are thinking too much on your budget and do not have much concern on hosting server resources, then shared web hosting is good. Remember Node.js is built for creating fast and flexible network application, so the web hosting you choose have to be reliable and quality, resulting with great uptime track record and page loading speed.
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          I think you should go for cloud instead of shared hosting as it consumes great resources and space.