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Migrating from Windows to Linux

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  • Migrating from Windows to Linux


    We're considering moving from our Windows hosting (which is what we've used for ~6 years? with other host), to Linux hosting (as BODHOST have told us on live chat this is the best option for WordPress/PHP websites.

    I'd like to understand the implications of making this move. The benefits and negatives.

    Things like:

    1. Data migration.
    2. Database migration.
    3. Email account migration (we don't need to keep actual emails, but the accounts/passwords/alias etc).
    4. webconfig file (we use this for 301 redirects).

    We'd want to start with moving just 2 websites . The others would stay where they are, until we've confirmed we're happy.

    If moving just those two domains, would this cause any issues with the old hosting? One of the two domains is used for all email handling?

    Any advice is welcomed

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    Hello Guido,

    Let us know the exact data size to be migrated, as this will be cross-platform migration we will need to check with techs about the migration possibilities.


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      Hello Stuart,

      Good question, the total data to be migrated will not be more than 5-7 GB.


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        Hello Guido,

        As the email structure is different on Windows and Linux platform, you will need to manually create email accounts, forwarding and aliases on Linux server.

        You will need to verify the data and domains on Linux server and then update the DNS records for the domains and point them to Linux server.

        Sometimes the redirection code developed on Windows platform will not work on Linux platform hence you will need to make necessary changes in the website code.


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          I don't think you need to move from Windows to Linux as PHP/WordPress websites run well in Windows environment. But may I know the reason for your migration from Windows to Linux. Do you have any problem with your previous host?


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            It's just because our developer told us Linux is the best option for WordPress/PHP websites.

            I understand the actual emails won't migrate, that's fine, but what about the email accounts?

            What I mean is, the usernames/passwords/alias/forwarding rules etc?


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              I think the IMAP sync tool would work for this as you can copy the emails from the old server to the Plesk server.


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                If we wanted the Enterprise version, should we expect to see even faster loading? Should we go for Plesk or cPanel? Pros/cons?


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                  If we wanted the Enterprise version, should we expect to see even faster loading?

                  - Load speeds are based on hard drive speed. An ssd would be fastest in terms of performance, more RAM always helps, though what makes a difference is an SSD Hard Drive. It also depends on the concurrent number of users visiting on your website per hour, daily.

                  Should we go for Plesk or cPanel? Pros/cons?

                  - We generally recommend cPanel with Linux platform as it is more compatible than Plesk cPanel is outstanding for Linux based users while Plesk is the preferred option for Windows fans. Both of them come with great functionality to allow users to configure website, view statistics, manage email accounts, handle files, and more. The better control panel is determined by your actual requirements and preferences. Let me know if you have any additional queries.


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                    Will we have a dedicated IP? Is there a WordPress installation/website limit?