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  • MSN for UK customers


    How comes the MSN Messenger Account seems only to be on durring the night time.

    Most of your uk customers are snug in bed.
    Then again I can see why that would be good for ya.
    We get lots of stupid questions at work, about all sorts.

    Anyway I thought you were a UK company?

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    It could just be that coders tend to be a nocturnal lot.

    Its all the coffee they drink in the day.


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      Our MSN is online all the time but I would like to know when you had seen it offline as I will need to talk to respective staff member for failing to keep MSN online.

      Our livechat chat support is online all the time as we have 3 operators logged into the livechat system at any time of day / night. MSN cannot be opened on more than 1 machine
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        Are staff going to be on, on christmas day? If you are you should take a break just for that day i know i won't be using the internet on christmas day.


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          Everyone needs a break on christmas. Even the internet has a break. (At least you think so). :shock:
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            I agree! I won't be doing any coding on Chrimbleday. Take a break!


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              No reply, wonder if they were.

              I only see them on MSN in at night time too but live chat always gets answered anyway.