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    I was wondering whether it would be possible to alter the way password changes are made in cPanel. Particularly with reference to user's changing their e-mail account password.

    At present if one of my users logs in to their webmail, they have an option to change password. Doing so actually puts the new password in the address bar for all to read which doesn't seem overly secure.

    Is it possible that this could be changed to give at least a little protection?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I've also noticed that. It didn't bother me *too* much, but it would be nice for it to be hidden.


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      It bugs me because if I use a lab computer to change my password there's undoubtedly people around. I didn't realise til I went to change the cinema secretary's email password last night to be fair


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        Yeah - I do almost all of my stuff at home and if there's anyone standing over my shoulder its usually someone involved in the site (band member etc).

        It's a little thing, but I can imagine it'd really rifle some people.


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          It's just not cricket.
          There should be a switch somewhere to change the type of password echo. Sometimes it's useful to see what you're typing, but usually it's crap.


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            This is a small bug in cpanel but we need to wait till it is sorted by them. Those who are on our Hsphere servers shouldnt have this problem
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