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  • Quote for a personal blog and for professional hosting

    I am looking for a new hosting company for two domains that I own. My admin person Ian has set up my business site on Word Press and I need him to set up my personal blog on Word Press as well but my current hosting arrangement does not support WP.

    My current hosting company does not provide enough space for my stuff and my email and their service in general isn't great so I am looking for new hosting. I would appreciate it if you could send me a quote and let me know what you can offer. I need to take both my domains with me of course.

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    How much space & other resources you want? We have a wide range hosting solutions with a complete management and all the solutions support WordPress as well as other CMS platforms…
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      You should be ok with one of the shared cpanel plans if your site is smal and personal:
      These plans usually work great with wordpress unless your site over grows and becomes too popular. It also allows you to create mailboxes and manage emails.


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        A personal blog is usually fine on a shared plan unless your site needs any server settings changed or more of RAM and CPU than what a shared server usually allows. I think you should be good to start with the shared plans for wordpress. It usually comes with a auto installer so you can install wordpress in clicks.


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          Thanks for the information.

          With my existing host I've 30 GB disk space and I'm looking to add 20 GB disk space, I don't see any of your shared plan matching this requirement.


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            LOL.. Now 50 GB sounds like a too much for a personal blog. May be you should look at getting your own server kinda VPS.