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  • My website

    Right guys, tell me what you think of the website that I'm working on for my friends band:

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    nice clean web interface, i like it.


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      Looks good. I like the clean lines etc

      Some of the pages are too tall for firefox in that although they fine, they have an unnesscary vertical scroll in them.

      Also, the album opens in a frame not a new window

      Check out - a friends' band's site


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        i designed a holding-page for my dj. - designed in flash.


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          It's nothing personal, but that kinda flash makes me gag.
          I'm sure it's just the memories of battling with flash mx... We never got on.


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            Nice site, took a while to download on dial up, which im not usually on, but am tonight!


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              nice and clean mate. Looks good.
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                i think the navigation isnt so good - the links on the left are really hard to read... and i hate tiny webpages in small boxes.

                apart from that its nice.
                dont hate me, honesty is key :D


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                  i agree with faceh. it looks good but the menu has also another issue, the fact that is flash! I know at least 5 major companies who do not allow flash so all the users will see is a red x where its supposed to be.

                  to get around this add a horizontal menu at the bottom with text hyperlinks then things would go a little better!

                  KOOL site though ;)