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MR. Maniac
05-01-07, 10:37
Hosting Controller
Some new features of HC7 -

a) It makes use of latest .NET framework, XML, SOAP and HTTP
b) It uses a centralized database which guarantees better security
c) Load Balancing Techniques
d) It Support Windows as well as Linux Operating System
e) It standardizes the clusters and reduces the burden of management
f) It also Integrates Control within Panel
g) Better Installation Procedures
h) It handles Error swiftly
i) Customer Resource Auto-Quota Check
j) Cluster Management with Central Management
k) NAT Independent
l) Click & Install Apps
m) Flexible Installation Options
n) And Many More

Guys try this control panel, it really ossom ;)

07-27-07, 10:23
Yes I think we should try it.

07-27-07, 16:50
ima go through the code see if there is anything exploitable