View Full Version : Install PostgreSQL Databases

10-31-11, 04:17
I want to install PostgreSQL Databases. How Can I do that with some simple steps?

10-31-11, 05:26
You have to follow the following steps :

A. Login to respective server's WHM

B. Software > Install an RPM > PostgreSQL > install

C. Software > Install an RPM > PostgreSQL-server > install

D. Restart Services > Postgresql Server

E. Service Configuration > Postgres Config > Enter New Password

F. Service Configuration > Postgres Config > Install Config

11-09-11, 03:34
Thanks for giving me this useful information for installing PostgreSQL Databases and when you were dealing with the other products of SQL and this may Happens that your system restarts more than two times but it doesn't matter just follow the instructions and choose the option you want you will get the same you want.