View Full Version : Problem With Horde We-mail In My Plesk Server

09-15-11, 02:14
I am facing a problem with horde we-mail in my plesk server.
The problem is when I log in to web-mail, it shows me a blank page.
I have Plesk 8.6 installed in server.

09-15-11, 04:14
Are there any upgrades performed in the server ?

09-15-11, 06:08
I have upgraded the php recently on server. PHP was upgraded to Version 5.3.x

09-15-11, 06:35
It happens because the php 5.3 is not fully compatible with Plesk 8.6.
In a work around you can try to edit the following files.

/usr/share/psa-horde/imp/lib/IMAP/Client.php line 576
modify function namespace($additional = array())
with function plnamespace($additional = array())

/usr/share/psa-horde/imp/lib/Session.php line 295
modify $_SESSION['imp']['namespace'] = $imapclient->namespace($user_namespace);
with $_SESSION['imp']['namespace'] = $imapclient->plnamespace($user_namespace);

Reload the webmail page and logout/login again.