View Full Version : Are you loyal to control panel that you are currently using?

Michelle Taylor
09-12-11, 07:51

Would you say that you are loyal to control panel that you are currently using & why you don't like to recognize other option? Have you gained or lost sales because you stick with particular control panel? & Why you like specific option only?

09-12-11, 08:02
cPanel is my favorite. As it is easy to use control panel and has a very simple interface. The management of hosting account becomes really easy with cPanel. Its compatibility with Linux OS is astonishing. The features that come up with this control panel makes it the best option and that is the reason many clients love to use cPanel to cope up their hosting accounts.

Rudy Baylor
09-12-11, 08:32
I guess cPanel will get more votes here, because it allows to do everything that we would normally have to do from GUI or Command line...As I know few things about system administration so generally I prefer command like, but most of the others like to use GUI.

The most nearest competitors of cPanel is Plesk & DirectAdmin...but still most of the people like to use cPanel. Most of the users got used to cPanel and its features and now its time to expect something more innovative from cPanel.

Stanley Fisher
09-12-11, 08:51
cPanel has been around since a long time so people are used to it and more familiar with it. Even though, it is simpler to get cPanel hosting and immediately get your site up and running than to purchase a hosting account with a different control panel and have to learn everything about it.

However, Plesk is what I would like to recommend as the best one. It's a cross platform CP and compatible with both Windows and Linux. The interface of Plesk is also simple and easy so you can feel more comfortable with it like a cPanel.