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07-28-11, 07:29
I have a server with 4TB of space, but in WHM/Cpanel I am getting error that 98% of my disk space is full, due to which many of the WHM/Cpanel features not working, I still have 80GB space left on the server. Is there any way I can increase the limit of the server. So that I can use the server for now.

carl owen
07-28-11, 17:32
I think you should get in touch with the support team of your hosting provider and ask them to get this sorted for you. It is not possible to increase the limit of the server as you have utilized most of the disk space, however, you can ask for more disk space (attach an additional drive) so that cPanel/WHM control panel functions properly.

07-28-11, 22:29
You can do changes in the cache files and trick cPanel to think there is more space left on the server.

You need to edit cache file in /root/.cpanel/datastore,

particularity_bin_df_-P_-k_-lEdit that file and change the change of 99% to a lower value, you will then able the use the WHM cpanel features properly.

But it is just a work around so that work will not hamper. You need to remove the unwanted files and need make free space for proper working of the server.

Nicholas Easter
08-03-11, 10:00

If you don't know anything about server administration, then better way you should left the task for expertise. Mostly people read something and try to use those tips and tricks, but usually later they come up to support department with the worst problems they created.