View Full Version : cPanel's sqldump process

07-14-11, 13:42

Recently I am facing trouble with my cPanel while running sqldump process, which is slowing down my server. I run my backups weekly all files + db on each sat and sun. However, sqldump process frequently slow down server? That's the reason I don't understand what causing the problem. Do you think, sqldump process get stuck somewhere?

Nicholas Easter
07-14-11, 13:51
You should check the backup logs first to determine there is any consequences in backup process. It looks some other process may be also overwhelming resources which causes this slow down. As you are using cPanel control panel, then check process log to find the process consuming high resources.

07-14-11, 13:55
To be very honest I am not a system administrator, so I don't know where is the path of a backup logs? I am using Debian OS...

Stanley Fisher
07-14-11, 14:00
Location of cPanel log: /usr/local/cpanel/logs/cpbackup. In addition, you can also check the server status through WHM.

Oswald Coote
07-14-11, 14:03
While backup process is running and fetching up resources, you can log into MySQL, as the root user and fire the command:

show process list; and it will tell you what it is doing, you might be able to track down the problem that way. It may be an uncontrolled db or table that has a tons of tiny records.