View Full Version : Joomla vs Drupal vs HTML/CSS+Blog

Henry Rose
07-09-11, 15:27

Nowadays almost all the websites have a blog attached, for knowledgebase or any other purpose. So that brings up my question, whether it is good to use Joomla or Drupal or any other CMS type to control the entire website from one place, or still the traditional way like HTML+CSS good for the website and a blogging tool such as wordpress for configuring blog for tutorials.

Mick Haller
07-09-11, 15:39
In my opinion, using CMS is better option these days, Specially, when you are planing to set up blog for tutorials and guidelines. According to my experience, its more flexible setting up a CMS based blog where registered users can easily edit the content. I mean, it is just easier to maintain.

I have been using wordpress blog since a long time, but recently I am noticing people get a lot of flexibility with Joomla as well. However, Wordpress is still the easiest CMS available in the market. I don't like to comment anything on Drupal as I've got no experience with it until now. But one thing I can surely say, creating html+css+blog seems outdated process....