View Full Version : cPanel's Billing System vs WHMCS

Oswald Coote
07-07-11, 12:34

Have you been heard about cPanel's billing software? Recently lot of people keep buzzing about cPanel billing software. I've got no information whether it's official launched or not, but do you think it will destroy the WHMCS market's popularity?

Nicholas Easter
07-07-11, 12:36
I don't think so, whmcs is a long way ahead than any free stuff and it is affordable as well. You need to think twice, as it would save your time. WHMCS is the best option, but it doesn't mean it is the only perfect billing software, however, it does a good job always. So spending very little amount of money per month for whmcs is worthwhile........

Rudy Baylor
07-07-11, 12:40
I guess, it would be like a Plesk billing software; probably they are trying to improve their own product and will remove a lot of modules of whmcs. Personally, whmcs is a great software of it can be integrated with everything.

07-07-11, 12:46
In my opinion cPanel want to work fast to make a stable and flexible billing system, however, whmcs will still hold the lead for a while before someone knocks it out.

Maggie McPherson
07-07-11, 12:47
As present situation, users don't think to switch from whmcs, even cPanel provides in built billing system free of cost. Currently users have a lot of backend systems which are integrated with whmcs. I think, cPanel probably a bit late in entering the billing system market.

07-07-11, 12:50
As there is no official release available, so it's unfair to underestimate cPanel billing system before its launch. If cPanel successfully creates a billing system which is similar to whmcs quality or better, then with free license; it could be turn out worthwhile.

Henry Rose
07-07-11, 12:53
I think billing system of cPanel will slowly but surely grab market share and it will makes a sense if it combines a lot of cPanel/WHM integration and include items like small billing panels for clients of web hosts....

Mick Haller
07-07-11, 12:55
The first thing is, people have been using whmcs since a long time so perhaps they won't switch on cPanel billing system. On the other hand whmcs is more complete solution, as it integrates well with lot of different platforms. If I am not mistaken cPanel billing software will probably concentrating on integrating billing with only cPanel based servers. And most of the companies will not fuss switching unless cPanel comes out with a dominant product and offer some for of easy migration.

carl owen
07-08-11, 20:37
WHMCS is a complete billing solution which is developed in a such a way that it includes all the features and tools required. cPanel control panel is used for the management of the hosting plan or server and the billing system introduced by it is just for the sake of fulfilling the requirement due to which it's not developed in a proper manner as yet. We may see some advancement in future, however, it is definitely not one should look forward to at the moment.