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Nicholas Easter
07-06-11, 10:40

I have multiple WP sites and I was using Nginx plus PHP5 fpm (FastCGI Process Manager) two months ago, but recently I switched on Apache and noticed that combination of Apache + PHP5 fpm is faster than Nginx + PHP5....Do you any information about this, which elaborate why Apache is faster than Nginx?

07-06-11, 10:42
The truth is; for dynamic pages apache_mod_php/dso is going to be faster than Nginx. And it is a well known fact.....

07-06-11, 10:45
Usually Nginx+PHP5 fpm+apc+wp super cache is recommended to make wordpress faster, but according to my experience, when I have switched on Apache 2 things are more faster, perhaps due the wp cache. But with Nginx; even it's clearly enabled; load time is more than usual and generally throws 502 gateway errors. However, I am not sure whether it is due the some of config values or anything else......

Henry Rose
07-06-11, 10:46
I think gateway issues may be still alive with Nginx, or perhaps maximum request or there is something related to with config stuff....But I am surprised when I read here that Nginx is slower than Apache. In mu opinion slowness cause due the configuration or something else may be wrong on somewhere.....(And what it is who knows?)

09-21-11, 05:35
I think nginx you can setup multiple workers to deal with requests if you have more than one core or cpu.

10-14-11, 02:18
Apache is mostly preferred over nginx although I have never bothered to know why.. Apache is easy to install and configure also.

But it would be good to know a comparison of nginx and apache though.