View Full Version : add on domain error

Rudy Baylor
06-24-11, 14:20

I have added addon domain, but there is an error. It shows me an error message; “Error from park wrapper: addon_domain.com” is owned by another user.” I've already changed the name servers, and also checked it thorugh nslookup is above.

06-24-11, 23:35
Domain Park Wrapper Errors usually occurs as a result of the end user not completely removing the domain from their cPanel (i.e. hitting esc or closing the browser during removal), therefore not allowing cPanel to remove the domain’s entries to allow that domain to be re-added when certain security settings are enabled in WHM.
If you’re attempting to re-add a domain to a cPanel account and are getting Domain Park Wrapper error, first thing you need to check is that the domain in question is not already set up elsewhere or not owned by anyone. If it is, you would need to remove it from that account before being able to add it to another.

If you still face any problem please provide me your primary domain name and the addon domain that you want to add so that we can inspect the exact issue and surrounding circumstances that are involved.