View Full Version : How can I setup the nameservers in cpanel?

Kristine Habeck
06-22-11, 10:02

My VPS has two dedicated IPs (ip1, and ip2). I've already registered ns1.xyz.com and ns2.xyz.com and IP2 respectively.

My DNS template:

Web ipaddress: ip1
Mail ipaddress: ip1
Primary DNS * : ns1.xyz.com
Secondary DNS : ns2.xyz.com

Then I've included a domain with this DNS template, let me know whether I configure it correctly or not?

06-22-11, 10:10
You can assign any two Ips to two nameservers. You should assign main ip1 as primary and ip2 as secondary.

ip1 :ns1.xyz.com
ip2 :ns2.xyz.com

Also the main ip1 will be used by almost all mail severs for the mail exchanges. You can go with the same details that you've given to create the DNS template for the domain.

06-22-11, 10:17
According to your post nameservers are set correctly. However, you can go through DNS report for domain and check whether it's free form any errors. intodns.com is one of the tool to check the DNS report for the domain.

06-22-11, 10:31
Simply create two A records:

ns1 to ip1
ns2 to ip2

Kristine Habeck
06-22-11, 10:32
To confirm whether DNS is running on vps properly, what command line normally use?

06-22-11, 10:34
Seems your nameservers are correct, however, to ensure DNS is running on vps properly. You may confirm it by using command #/etc/init.d/named status or service named status.