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06-16-11, 06:55
I know the cpanel and plesk both are control panels but don't have more idea about these. So, can you give me some more information about it?

carl owen
06-17-11, 21:27
cPanel and Plesk both are different control panels with a different user interface. cPanel control panel is supported on Linux based hosting plans and servers only, whereas, Plesk is supported on Linux as well as Windows based hosting plans and servers. Both these control panels are licensed applications, however, the licensing fee of the control panel may vary according to the control panel you choose.

cPanel control panel is available for unlimited domains only, whereas, Plesk offers options when it comes to the number of domains you can host and hence you have options while choosing Plesk control panel. As for now, cPanel control panel is considered to be the best control panel for Linux based hosting plans and servers, whereas, Plesk is generally preferred for Windows based hosting plans and servers.

06-18-11, 11:50
There are lot of options available for control panel selections, but mostly people opt cPanel and Plesk because their popularity. Anyway, personally I would like to suggest, take a look at webmin panel as well. It supports a wide range of operating systems. And if you are using Mac OS X, then webmin is the best choice for you. For more details you can visit:

Webmin (http://www.webmin.com/support.html)